The Conqueror Returns

We were already knocking back our second shot of whiskey when Nickelus F walked into Commercial Taphouse (local bar in Greater Richmond Area). Sliding into the booth alongside us with a worn backpack and noticeable jet lag below his eyes, you wouldn’t suspect that he is one of the most dominant rappers on the east coast. Or that the rapper just returned from his first national tour. Continue reading The Conqueror Returns

Vespa Invasion! Italian Vintage Meets Richmond Grime

RVA Mag traveled out to Richmond International Raceway to check out this year’s annual AmeriVespa held here in the River City. The event, sponsored by the National Vespa Club of America and Richmond’s own 7 Hills Scooter Club, featured moto-enthusiasts from across the globe and yes, every kind of Vespa imaginable. Continue reading Vespa Invasion! Italian Vintage Meets Richmond Grime