Forget Florence: Stormy Daniels Is The Real Hurricane Hitting Richmond

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Stormy Daniels is heading to Richmond, her next stop as she takes the nation’s clubs by storm with her “Make America Horny Again” tour, featuring a special performance of “Making Papermoon Great Again” at the Papermoon gentlemen’s club at their Southside location. Since the tour began in February, Daniels has been solidly booked with gigs running through mid-November and looks to give suburbanites a run for their fitbits. RVA Magazine caught up with Stormy to get a gist of the thunder clouds gathering over the city.

Daniels, whose legal name is Stephanie Clifford, said she was excited to return to Papermoon and Richmond. “Papermoon has always treated me well in the past,” she said. “I’ve performed at Papermoon a few times and always had a great time, so when they contacted my agent and asked to book me again, I, of course, said yes.”

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For anyone not in the know, or glued to Fox & Friends, Daniels has been killing it in the news. At the center of President Trump’s unending list of scandals, Daniels is the zeitgeist of Trump’s “fake news” America. After rumors of an extramarital affair with Trump in 2006, Daniels has taken her involvement from the golf course to the courthouse, and is now suing to void a nondisclosure agreement she signed with Trump’s former lawyer, Michael Cohen, in early 2016. According to a report by NPR, Trump never signed the NDA agreement and with the recent ruling in the Cohen case, when the lawyer plead guilty to eight federal charges resulting from what he claimed were “direct orders from Trump,” Daniels 15 minutes have been given a weighty extension past the lens of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation.

For her part, Daniels claims she’s making the most of it. “Obviously my workload has increased quite a bit, with added attention has come a lot more activity in general. And I’ve started up some new ventures in areas I never thought I would, like Truth, the line of perfume I launched this year, she said. “That said, with all the traveling and added pressures I’ve found it a lot more difficult to write scripts and focus on creative projects like the mainstream horror movie I’m working to direct and produce.”

And while most of well-minded America seemed to garner support for the performance artist, Daniels has been on her own to fend off internet trolls and right-wing armchair patriots. She says the key to this is simply not giving a fuck. “It helps that I’m a thousand times smarter than my trolls. Keyboard warriors aren’t that hard to outsmart if you just remember not to take anything personally,” Daniels said.

Many local journalists and activists are excited to attend the event. Papermoon spokesperson Mike Dickinson, known for his Twitter antics and former House of Delegates run as an independent, said all politicians are invited to attend, extending a special invitation to Rep. Dave Brat, R-7th, and Corey Stewart, the Republican challenger for Sen. Tim Kaine’s seat. And while Daniels is sure to be the main staple of the evening and the rest of the tour, her next step to success is to be in directing. “Success to me means being proud of your accomplishments in your chosen field and having the respect of your peers, comfortably being able to pay the rent and feed your family doesn’t hurt. Although performing is fun, I get much more satisfaction out of the creative process of directing,” Daniels said.

Prices range from $25-$500, depending on sections in General Admission, VIP Tables, and front row seating, if still available. Showtime begins Thurs., Sept. 13 at 8 pm and runs until 2 am. For more information and specifics on ticket availability, follow the link to Stormy’s event page.

*This event has been postponed due to Hurricane Florence and re-scheduled for December. 

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